torsdag den 5. april 2012

Nekrolog over poesien: Vanessa Place & Kenneth Goldsmith

I Poetry Foundation

" I have written elsewhere that conceptual writing is annoying. Kenneth Goldsmith is the first to say that it may be boring. Bad lyric stinks; bad conceptualism is just another idea. And, as I have said before, what conceptualism does do is kill not the author, but the text itself. The writing is inert, formerly utilitarian, now deformed into nothing but an aesthetic object. All mirrored surface, no reflected soul. Like a fountain as receptacle. There to be thought on, rather than learned from, it’s terribly egalitarian. If poetry sprang from the void, conceptualism is the void. If poetry is dead, act like a zombie. The fact is, I like boring things. They make such lovely holes. 

                         - Vanessa Place

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